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Owned and managed by aviation professionals with over 25 years of worldwide experience in all areas of airline and aircraft operations and management, Aviation Services Cabo Verde is providing first class representation and supervisory services from its bases in the airports of the Cape Verde islands.

Whether you are looking for :

  • Airline representation
  • Full station management & supervision services
  • Supervision of your scheduled service or charter programme
  • A full series of flights
  • Coverage of an ad hoc flight

Our team of dedicated and friendly multilingual staff will meet your requirements with commitment in a timely manner with quality and satisfaction guaranteed.

We are devoted to guarantee that all flight-related tasks are performed in due time and in accordance with our customer airline policies. We understand that sometimes minutes are the difference between an on-time departure and a delay.

As most of our staff has worked as station managers in previous positions, Aviation Services Cabo Verde guarantees an airline-minded attitude of its supervisors, whereby defending interests of the airlines for which supervision is performed, always prevails.

All handling supervisors of Aviation Services Cabo Verde are well trained and highly experienced in the fields of supervision of passenger handling, cargo- and mail handling, baggage handling, operational handling, handling of catering, ramp handling, irregularity handling in case of delays or cancellations of flights as well as in pre- and post flight administration.

We are fully licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Cape Verde.
View our current certificate : Aviation Services Cabo Verde current approval [pdf]

Our handling supervisors are all in possession of the required airport passes and the necessary security and apron authorization.

Aviation Services Cabo Verde is staffed around the clock and we will always attend your needs, regardless of what time or day it is. Your airline, your crews and your passengers are of the utmost importance to us.

Our brand is much more than just a name and a logo. It's a promise of a type of experience that customers will remember whenever they come in contact with us. We are dedicated to fulfilling your needs; our goal is to provide the best aviation services available toward your aircraft, crew, passengers and cargo with the highest standard of quality at the most reasonable cost.

Our claim :
  • We strive to be above and beyond our clients expectations

Our strategic objectives :
  • Superiority
  • Value added services
  • Cost savings
  • Business retention
  • Expansion

Our core values :
  • Deliver commitment
  • The excellence of services
  • Sustainability
  • Integrity
  • Personal attention


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Aviation Services Cabo Verde - The ideal partner for your stopover in the Cape Verde airports.

Aviation Services Cabo Verde
International Airport Amilcar Cabral
The Concourse (1st floor), Espargos
Ilha do Sal, Cape Verde islands

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