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At Aviation Services Cabo Verde, we believe our staff is our most valuable asset, so training and professional development are our highest priorities. We aim to attract and maintain high quality staff. We look for people who are loyal and committed and who have the passion for client's satisfaction.

If you are a motivated individual who enjoys working in a diverse culture, you may be a great fit for the Aviation Services Cabo Verde team. Enjoy a fast-paced, challenging career in an exciting airport environment. Join our dedicated team of supervisors who love working with customers and each other.

For any passenger about to embark on a journey, what happens on the ground prior to departure almost invariably sets the tone for the flight. The variety of situations you'll face and the number of people you'll assist in any one day is immense. Working in our airports will bring you in contact with people from all walks of life and from all over the world. On occasions there may be those who'll challenge your ability to stay calm and friendly, but these are very much a minority.

Supervisors work at the airport, serving our customers in a caring and professional manner.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to :

  • Respond to or act on all communications, received from the carrier regarding the operation of the stations and monitor communications, specifically from/to the handling company;
  • Hold regular meetings with the handling company, airport authority, other suppliers and tour operator staff to discuss operations and other matters of interest;
  • Ensure that the handling agent company is informed in a timely and appropriate manner about operation data including any alterations to programme at specified stations;
  • Supervise the handling company's and all other supplier's operations and ensure that they are performing to an acceptable standard and to the contract specification, or service level agreement;
  • Assist tour operators and their staff in all matters relating to the airport operation;
  • Be in attendance at the airport as required to supervise and co-ordinate all ground handling services contracted by the carrier with the handling company;
  • Check and ensure, as far as practical, availability and preparedness of the staff, equipment, supplies and services of the handling agent company to perform the handling services;
  • Ensure that prompt notification of the carrier's requirements is given to all interested parties;
  • Ensure that all the carrier's aircraft are met on arrival by the supervision company staff who receive briefing from the crew and in return give information about irregularities and changes in schedule;
  • Supervise and co-ordinate the ground handling services at check-in at specified airports by making sure of : Check in desk availability and their opening - The orderly flow of check-in - The correct set of stationery and visible signs availability for check-in - Prepare pre-bookable seating requests - Ramp operations;
  • Supervise & co-ordinate the ground handling services at the tarmac to the best interest of the carrier, across all suppliers of services;
  • Ensure the prompt dispatch of all operational messages;
  • Full supervision of passenger check-in and transit through customs and immigration;
  • Full supervision of ramp and aircraft turnaround;
  • Efficient disembarkation and boarding of passengers and loading/unloading of baggage, ensure all services airside (fuel, catering, cleaning, etc.) required for turnaround are on site upon aircraft arrival and ready to act immediately;
  • Liaise with crew;
  • Collection of revenue items on behalf of the airline;
  • Ensuring the on-time departures of aircraft;
  • Providing special assistance;
  • Answering general travel inquiries;
  • In case of flight disruptions, coordinate passenger welfare as required by the airline, and successfully resolving customer issues.
Additional attributes
  • Fluency in English language is essential.
  • Able to work with all levels of staff.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Diplomacy.
  • Good self-management skills.
  • Computer skills, Word, Powerpoint, Excel.

We invite you to submit a general profile and resume of your qualifications.


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