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Despite aviation regulations convergence, all countries have specific rules and having a local representative is definitely an advantage. We speak the same language, know the laws and requisites, and have been doing our job for years. Our support saves lots of telephone calls, questions, paperwork and, in one word, valuable time.

We are experienced in all types of flight operations, including scheduled carriers, commercial charter, private/VIP, cargo, air ambulance and military flights.

We can arrange full ground handling at preferential rates on a credit basis - therefore taking away the need for crews to carry large amounts of cash onboard.

We can offer the following services :

  • Representation near our CAA and all other local Authorities
  • Liaise with local Authorities
  • Over flight and landing permits request
  • Airport slot coordination and monitoring
  • Handling agent selection advise and arrangement
  • Catering company selection advise and arrangement
  • Fuel arrangement
  • Liaise with suppliers
  • Crew administration (Flight plan / Gen dec / Weather / Notams)
  • Immigration and customs clearance arrangements
  • Crew and passengers accomodation and transportation
  • Invoice control and payments to third parties
  • Communication with the carrier/operator (Reports, etc.)
  • Audit assistance
  • Other services on request

We pride ourselves on being adaptable and can tailor our service to meet your individual needs.


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