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The airline industry is confronted with a continued and increased pressure on yield and revenue. Therefore many airlines are willing to reduce their costs substantially on one hand and trying to improve the services they render to their customers on the other hand.

For an airline company the core business might be designing the network, flying aircrafts, setting the marketing strategy and assure growth and margin. Tasks, other than those outlined above and which are done by themselves, might be contracted to another company. Especially at airports not being a main hub it is an expensive factor to perform all the services with own personnel. Many people are needed for ticketing, check-in, boarding, loading, catering etc. And thus many of these tasks are done by a ground handling company.

However, having subcontracted these tasks, one still needs people who supervise and coordinate the ground handling companies and to make sure that all work will be done and documented in a coordinated way. This is exactly the type of service Aviation Services Cabo Verde can offer: dedicated supervisors who will act as your airline representative and who will do the utmost to assure an on-time and well coordinated turnaround of your flights. Next to that Aviation Services Cabo Verde will monitor service levels of the handling companies and report those to you.

Aviation Services Cabo Verde can help you to save on personnel costs and to improve the quality of the ground handling by offering you professional handling supervision for both passenger and cargo activities by well trained, experienced and airline minded supervisors at reasonable rates.

There are dozens of potential issues that may lead to a delay. We work to solve them before they become a problem, or minimize their effects if unavoidable. Check that counters are open on time, ensure that the catering is ready, watch that the specifications of your Ground Operations Manual are followed, etc. Any issue we can handle ourselves will be duly solved, keeping the airline informed. If needed, we will contact the operations department and wait for their instructions. We also act as a bridge to the crew, providing those with any last minute info from their operations department. We are used to face any problem and our staff is trained to make things easier.

The activities of Ground Handling Agent is effectively supervised to ensure timely turnaround of the aircraft and to ensure superior passenger services. These services are carried out at the passenger terminal and on the ramp. Cargo supervision is carried out at the cargo complex and warehousing facilities and also at the aircraft to ensure proper loading and unloading procedures.

Our customer airlines find great benefit in having a representative present for the check-in and turnaround of their flights, as without the added pressure of a supervisory agent looking after their interests, the handling agents tend to offer the minimum of service rather than offering assistance to the standards that you would expect.


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